Nesting Kits

Everything Inside the Bass Drum


Nesting Drums by Groove Drum Co.!

An amazing way to take the whole kit inside the bass drum with extreme portability. And, because of the way we unite the two shell parts, there's no lost of air or even tone and sound, so just like any regular drum set.

Basic Kit: 18x18" Bass Drum, 15x11" Floor Tom, 12x8" Tom Tom and a 14x3.5" Snare Drum.

Available in any finish you would like to have.

We can also make any size and depth, but never forget that we need a 3" or upper difference on diameter so they can fit perfect inside each other.

Basic Shell Pack pricing for 18", 12", 15" and 14"SN: 1900.00€ / $2100.00

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