Plywood Exotic Finish Drums

Exotic Finishes


Groove Drum Co.'s Plywood drums with an outer exotic ply from different unique and exotic woods like ebony macassar, fume aspen, waterfall bubinga, olive wood, etc.

10 plys, 5mm shells, with or without reinforcement, solid brass lugs, 2,3mm hoops and custom dimensions.

Woods available for shell core: Maple, Birch, Walnut, Mahogany, Beech, Bubinga, Maple+Poplar, Mahogany+Poplar, Walnut+Birch, Birch+Maple, Maple+Mahogany, etc.

Woods available for exotic outer ply: Macassar Ebony, Fumed Aspen, Waterfall Bubinga, Italian Olivewood, Tulip wood, Apple Tree, olive ash burl, red gum, mappa burl, etc.

Evans or Remo Drumheads

All custom in dimensions and woods.

  • Rosewood Walnut
  • Rafa8
  • B4
  • Mappa Burl Over Cherry
  • Walnut Daniela Bubinga
  • Elm Cherry
  • Diagonal Black Limba
  • Green
  • T4
  • Birch Massur
  • Olive1
  • Waterfall Bubinga
  • Ziricote Veneer
  • Mappa Burl Cherry
  • Satin Walnut Set
  • Black Birdseye
  • Bubinga Red Gum
  • Maple Granadillo
  • Jazz Groove Kit
  • Black Tulip Maple
  • Mahogany Poplar 1
  • SAM 4213
  • Bubinga Waterfall
  • Elm Over Cherry
  • Ebony Macassar Sub
  • Satin Walnut
  • Black Tulip White Dye
  • Ziricote Maple Mahogany
  • Granadillo Burl
  • Red Gum Bubinga
  • Olive2
  • Mahogany Poplar 2
  • Massur Birch
  • SAM 4223
  • Bubinga Walnut Daniela
  • Mahogany Poplar
  • Ebony Macassar
  • Olive3
  • Green1
  • Black Amara
  • Tigerwood
  • B1
All Custom