Groove Drum Co.


We are a Portuguese brand building Drums & Snare Drums. 

We press & mold our own shells. We use cold press molds to mold the shell allowing it to be consistent and balanced in sustain and tone. 

Our philosophy it's based on 3 aspects:

- Resonance

- Fundamental Note

- Minimal Hardware

Our shells are thin or with reinforcement no matter the wood type or construction. We want resonance & vibration. Our holes on the shell are made and studied to be on the right spots so we won't make any harm to the shell vibration.

We adapt the bearing edge, snare bed, hoops, drumheads and snare wires to the shell's fundamental note, so the drummer can take full potencial from the drums.

We have different kinds of hoops that we use as we hear the pitch and note from the shell. We have single flanged, tripe flanged, die-cast, s-hoops, wood hoops, etc.

Our Lugs are made from solid brass so they can vibrate with the shell and be durable.

We give lifetime warranty on the shells.

Groove Drum Co. here we GO!

  • Elm Cherry
  • English Walnut
  • Gold Oyster
  • Maple Karilian Birch
  • Ziricote Veneer