We, at Groove Drum Co., love to make your dreams come true. That's why we like to be able to offer you something different:

Meet the Special Edition Drumkits.


Visually stunning, theses drums are great to have on stage! Soundwise they love that low tuning, while getting all that sharp attack and drier sound.

We use only seamless shells and can get you clear, smoked, yellow, red,...!

The bass drum can feature either acrylic or wood hoops.

Sizes are available from 8" to 24".


These kits are becoming one of the greats here at Groove Drum Co. 

We worked very hard on finding a solution so that there wasn't any air leaks on the seam cut of shells.

A kit made for the working drummer: you can transport the whole shell pack inside the bass drum!

As far as woods and finishes, they are as customizable as our G Series.


Back in the 70's and 80's, metal shell drumkits were very popular, both live and in the studio. Guess what? They're still awesome.

We know that many of you need different tones from your drums, so we offer drumkits with full aluminum shells.

Acrylic Drumkit
Nesting Drumkit
Aluminum Drumkit