Why can I only see the prices in Euros (EUR)?
We are currently working on having a reliable currency exchange tool for your convenience. Please notice that you will always be charged in Euros and your card provider will be responsible for making the currency conversion.

How do I order a bespoke snare or kit?
Fill out our contact form or email us at to discuss your specs. From there we will organise and process your order.

Do you have any in stock drums?
Please check out our Shop page to see what is currently available.

Where can I buy Groove Drum Co. products?
Currently you can either order directly from us or from one of our dealers. Please check the Dealers page for more details.

Do I need a deposit?
Yes, all bespoke orders need a 50% deposit to enter production. The remaining 50% is due on completion. This is a non refundable deposit.

How long will my order take?
Lead times for bespoke orders vary depending on specifications, availability of materials and production schedules at the time of ordering. Always check with us for a more accurate delivery estimate.

Can I change my specs after I pay the 50% deposit?
Once you place a Bespoke order with us we order the materials and parts needed to build your drums. Because of this we are unable to accept changes to your order once the deposit is paid.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship worldwide. Please see the Shipping Information page for more information. Please note that for some countries we may need to do a custom shipping method. If you have any problems when checking out your order, please contact us.

Do you offer endorsement deals?
Currently we do not offer official endorsements. We consider everyone who chose Groove Drum Co. as our supporter. Every drummer, studio or venue we work with gets the same attention and respect.

Do my drums come with a warranty?
All Groove Drum Co. drums are covered by our three year warranty. For more information, please visit the Warranty Information page.

Can I visit the workshop?
We take customer visits by appointment only.

Need further help? Please contact us directly.