When talking about snare drums, the possibilities are just endless! 
We understand your need of getting that exact sound that you have in your head. And we are here to make it happen.


Choose any wood available in our line:
Mahogany, Walnut, Cherry, Maple, Birch, Pear, etc.

Snare drums shells are available from 8" to 16" in almost any depths.


We use 8 lug 2,3 mm triple flanged hoops as standard but you can also choose Die-Cast, S-Hoops, single flanged and wood hoops.

Classic style throw-offs are our main choice. In the past we built many snares with more expensive throw-offs, but truly believe that a high quality simple throw off is the way to go, as its function is to work well and be reliable. However, you can choose any other throw-off available, if you so desire.

Also standard are our brass snare wires with thin plates and extreme sensitivity. 14" wires are available in 20 and 25 strand options.


After your shell core and sizes are selected, you can choose the perfect outer wood/finish: natural wood, constructional veneer, painted, faded, wrap, etc. Also, you can choose between matte, semi-gloss or high gloss finishes.

Standard: Natural Mahogany, Walnut, Cherry, Maple, Birch and Pear.

Exotic: (Limited to the existing stock): Ebony Macassar, Rosewood Santos, Wild Padauk, Bubinga, Scandinavian Birch, Flamed Mahogany, Black Limba, Oak Burr, Maroondo Burl, Ebono Burl, Blue Birdseye, Mappa Burl, Black Birsdeye, etc.

Wrap: We only use Delmar High Quality Wraps. Choose from a variety of Pearls, Diamonds, Oysters, Ripples, Sparkles and Glitters.

You can also choose from a variety of inlays, custom paints and decals.

G Series Snare Drum
G Series Snare Drum
G Series Snare Drum