When you're building a drum for one of the most renowned drummers in the world, you pull out the big guns.

G Series Snare Drum

We wanted to present something that had great sound but it also had to be stunningly beautiful and very unique.

When choosing shell materials, Pear Wood isn't exactly the type of wood you'll find on most drums, but we like to keep things fresh around here. We used 1mm thick veneers and ended up with a 14x6.25" 6.2mm shell as a result. 30° bearing edges with short apex 45° outer and low carved snare beds with long gradual cut.

For the outer veneer, we used some beautiful Blue Birdseye Maple, with a thick Santos Rosewood center inlay and black stripes in between, finished off with a glorious high gloss lacquer.

Solid CNC Stainless Steel Lugs with M6 Tension Rods, 2,3mm triple flanged hoops, Dunnett Throw-Off, REMO drumheads and 20 strand snare wires.

Oh, and we even did laser engraved badges with Todd's name!

DISCLAIMER: Although we offered to build this drum, IT IS NOT a signature snare AND DOES NOT represent any deal between GDC and Todd Sucherman.

Wood veneers
Unfinished shell
Laser engraved badges
Todd Sucherman G Series Snare Drum

Although this was a custom order, we can build the exact same snare for you! Just click the link below